Vision Travel Bag Black

Ny reisebag fra Vision med 3 rom. HEr får du med deg både stangtuber, bekledning, sneller og det du trenger av utstyr for fisketuren. Størrelse: 84 x 33 x 35cm

TilbudNOK849,00 Førpris:NOK990,00 Rabatt -14% inkl. mva.
"Bestillingsvare, 1-2 ukers leveringstid".


Big enough to carry your fishing gear for a weekend trip. The Travel bag has 3 compartments; the one on the side has a big rubberised mesh allowing you to pack your wet wading gear, the middle one takes 2-3 standard rod tubes nicely and the third compartment is a general one for clothing and accessories. In addition to these the bag has a flat side size pocket which is ideal for a landing net, with a mesh pocket inside and a smaller zip pocket outside for example for your travel documents.
 The bag has traditional carry handles and if not packed totally full it can be compressed smaller with the straps. For longer walks it has shoulder straps so it’ll be easy and comfortable to carry on your back, with zippers safely facing your own back for security.
 As a Vision feature we printed a bunch of different fish on the bottom so whenever you catch one, you tick the box!

Size - 84 x 33 x 35cm