TyWheel uni decker

TyWheel uni decker er ett selvstendig sett med 4 forskjellige attachment Det kan brukes selvstendig, eller til å oppbevare de delen som ikke brukes på bindestikka. Alle andre attachment passer i settet

PrisNOK1 869,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 1 stk.


TyTower Uni-Decker is a standalone Single-Level magnetic storage rack.
It is designed to hold up to 4 various TyWheel Attachments at a given time.

TyTower Uni-Decker ​can either be utilized to store additional attachments that are not currently being used on your TyWheel, or it can be utilized independent from TyWheel as a multifunctional magnetic storage station.

Includes: (Base, Rod, Medallion, 1 Wheel, and 1 Spool/ 1 Tool/ 1 Deep Tray/ 1 Shallow Tray Attachment)