Loon Lochsa flytemiddel

Lochsa er et flytemiddel som også kan brukes på fluer med CDC fjær. Det er silikonbasert og gir maksimal flyteevne uten å lage oljeringer på vannet. Renner ikke i varmt vær og tykner heller ikke i kaldt.

PrisNOK109,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 21 stk.


Lochsa is a premium all-around gel floatant that even works on CDC. It won’t mat dry flies made with CDC and is perfect for treating any type of feathers, hair, hackle, or yarn. Lochsa will provide maximum floatation without the slightest hindrance on appearance. It is silicon based, and won’t melt in the heat or harden when it’s cold.

Premium dry fly gel floatant
Temperature stable
Silicone based
Will not leave oil slick on water
Treats CDC

Directions for use:
Prior to first cast, apply desired amount of Lochsa to fly. Use fingers to work Lochsa into hair and hackle. If fly becomes water logged, use powder desiccant to dry, then reapply.