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Nymph, Nymph & Dry, Switch, Lohi, Kust and Mama
These are customised versions of the XLV reels to suit certain fishing styles in the best possible way.

The KUST #7-8 reel is based on the 7/8 XLV reel but it features the heraldic v-frame from bigger sizes. Silver colour with blue details fit nicely the Kust and Merisuola rods. This reel is equally home in lighter saltwater use too as it takes good amount of thin backing with a #7 weight Merisuola flyline.

  • Large arbour
  • V- or heraldic V- frame design
  • Smooth disc brake
  • Built in counter balance
  • SKF bearing grease
#7-8 Kust 105mm 100cm3 135g WF8 + 130m 20lb backing VLV78K