Vision XLV Nymph n Dry

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Nymph, Nymph & Dry, Switch, Lohi, Kust and Mama
These are customised versions of the XLV reels to suit certain fishing styles in the best possible way.

NYMPH & DRY #5-6 Super narrow and super large arbour reel for modern nymph and dry fly fisherman. Thanks to the large arbour, you can quickly reel in the loose line for fighting the big ones. Weightwise this reel is designed to balance the longer, light line weight rods and it does it perfectly. The drag is made smoothness in mind and the maximum force wasn’t the key factor, therefore this is superb reel for thin tippets. Matt black appearance doesn’t scare the fish and it looks good on all rods.

  • Large arbour
  • V- or heraldic V- frame design
  • Smooth disc brake
  • Built in counter balance
  • SKF bearing grease
#5-6 Nymph & Dry 105mm 63cm3 131g WF5 + 50m 20lb backing VLV56ND*