Micro Glint Nymph Tinsel peacock green

Spennende tinsel fra Semperfli. Fin å brukes til blant annet buzzere og som ribbing på nymfer og tørrfluer.

PrisNOK35,00 inkl. mva.
"Bestillingsvare, 1-2 ukers leveringstid".


Micro Glint Nymph Tinsel

Micro Glint Tinsel is a fine multi-strand iridescent and metallic thread with a unique sparkling finish in Orange. It can be used for tying complete buzzers or ribbing small nymphs and dry flies or as shucks. Micro Glint can be used as a thread also!

Micro Glint can be used to imitate shucks easily by taking a few strands and twisting them together and using these as a shuck. Depending on the size of the fly you may want only one thread twisted for a small fly size 18 or below or 4 twisted pairs for a size 10 fly shuck.

Micro Glint Tinsel Specifications:

Metallic Twisted Thread
Iridescent and solid colors
Unique sparkling finish refracts light
275 Denier
Combination of metal and polyester to enable use as a fly tying thread
Use for bodies, thoraxes, shucks and winging