Renzetti Ruby Tip Bobbins small

Den mest populære størrelsen og en av de beste trådholderene på markedet. Teflon innlegg som garantert ikke kutter tråden. Gir perfekt motstand i tråden.

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The Renzetti Ruby Tip HT101 fly tying bobbin is the standard model for most fly tying needs. The ruby tip offers an extremely smooth surface to keep your thread from fraying or breaking under normal use.

Renzetti’s unique tapered protrusions hold your thread spool at the perfect tension, while allowing for smoothly distributing more thread when needed. Grip your thread spool for more tension then “back off” for less.

This bobbin features a two-inch tube, with an interior diameter of 3/32 inches, for most tying thread sizes up to 210 denier or 3/0. The tube has a Teflon tube inserted to provide a slick surface for your thread.

Tube Length: 2”

Tube Diameter: 3/32”

Made in Titusville, Florida, USA.